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michael mullan   Sun 20 May 2012

I do a solo acoustic jazz and blues set

delta, Chicagoand texas blues and jazz standards.stright ahead and acoustic.

mostly guitar and vocals with a couple of double bass /vocal numbers.

up to about 2 hours set.Have done sum festivals and been doing a couple of local things.

Looking for help / gigs .

i dont mind doing a wee bit of charity work its good karma.

a few demo songs are uploaded on my facebook.

will send to anyone interested. hope to get into a studio to do a few jazzers soon.

would like to talk to other players.

anyone remember the pine

The Handsome Family

Gerry McNally   Sun 20 May 2012   updated: Mon 28 May 2012

Were you at the show last night? Feel free to share your thoughts on the show and our first ever show in the Limelight here.

Amanda Shires

Paul M   Fri 04 May 2012

A great gig featuring Amanda Shires at McHughs Basement as part of the Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival. Atmosphere was good and crowd very appreciative. Looking forward now to Kevin Welch on Monday night at the same venue.

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Jim Heaney   Sat 05 May 2012

Thanks for the comments on the show at McHughs Paul. Plenty more good RMC shows coming up.

Many Thanks

Mama Kaz   Fri 02 Mar 2012

Thank you The Real Music Club for choosing me to support Matt Andersen. The gig was amazing. It is so great to see artists from around the world on a more personal level & The Real Music Club provides that with ease..

Matt Andersen show was outstanding & intimate & the staff/sound guy at Errigle were so lovely.

Thanks for a lovely evening :)

Mama Kaz & "Skip"

Tom Russell

Gerry McNally   Thu 26 Jan 2012

That was some night! Tom pulled a massive audience and to quote the MC "The gig had sold out before it had gone on sale".

A stunning night of story telling a dark dry humour.

By the end of the night Tom had the punters dancing on their chairs.

A classic RMC show to kick off 2012.

If you were there, then let us know what you thought of it.

The Webb Sisters

Gerry McNally   Thu 10 Nov 2011

I think last night was probably the highlight of the RMC's Autumn/Winter programme. The girls were simply amazing. Soaring harmonies and top class playing. Once again sound engineer Cregan excelled himself on the sound desk. Every note and harmony could be heard loud and clear. Two unplugged encores from the middle of the audience rounded off an exceptional night of music.

Mr and Mrs Earle

Gerry McNally   Sun 06 Nov 2011

That's all for now folks. More to follow soon.

Steve Earl

Paul M   Sun 06 Nov 2011

A great live musical experience at Mandela Hall on Saturday night ... good to see the event so well attended. Great support from his backing group - the Dukes & Duchesses also featuring his wife Allison Moorer.


Jim Heaney   Tue 01 Nov 2011

WE have three gigs this week so he couldn't stand for that long!

Giving the MC a Break

Gerry McNally   Tue 01 Nov 2011

As he's getting on a bit we thought we'd let him have a seat last night.

Bobs Birthday Bash

john mccart   Fri 26 Aug 2011

Great show by Chris Smither not often you see the whole audience giving a standing ovation. Well deserved.

Chris is on his way to Denmark to play at a Bob Dylan Birthday tribute show. This got some of us thinking about the RMC hosting a birthday show for Bob. Idea would be several RMC local regulars playing their favourite Dylan numbers. Obviously there would be a cake and baloons and more likely the man himself would drop in to sing a couple.

Anyone interested in RMC putting on such a birthday bash ?

Chris Smither

Jim Heaney   Thu 25 Aug 2011

Great photos Paul.

Can you e-mail the one with the fingers in the air so I can put it on the gallery page.

Super show last night by Chris. It's been too long since he was in Belfast. There was a lot of music on in Belfast last night. I reckon those who were at The Black Box saw the best show!

Chris Smither

Paul Hanley   Thu 25 Aug 2011

Another photo

Chris Smither

Paul Hanley   Thu 25 Aug 2011

Another photo

Chris Smither

Paul Hanley   Wed 24 Aug 2011

Another amazing gig. Fantastic performance from a really talented musician and songwriter, and a genuinely nice guy.

Ian McLagan

Jim Heaney   Sun 21 Aug 2011

What a great gig that was on Friday night. A pleasure to host a real legend at the Real Music Club.

One of the most genuine & likeable musicians I've come across as well as one of the most talented. Not that I'm saying that other musicians we've worked with aren't! Well there is one or two!


Gerry McNally   Tue 07 Jun 2011

I think Paul's idea of RMC T-shirts is a good one.

Would anyone else like one?

Our MC's role as T-shirt model certainly seems to be generating some discussion.

Although, i f we did produce some T-shirts it is only fair and right to point out that the MC would not be included :-)

T Shirts and other things

john mccart   Tue 07 Jun 2011

Hi Paul, glad you enjoyed the Anthony Toner gig and are looking forward to Ben Glover in the Black Box this Friday.

I got a couple of t shirts make up last year as a test. I give one to Mr Heaney one to a relative and am posing in the other one from gig to gig.

Jim has said that if there is enough interest we can look to getting more and selling them to club members. Thanks for the suggestion about other items, the RMC merchandising department will get back to you.

Anyone else interested ?

Anthony Toner

Paul M   Mon 06 Jun 2011

Great night listening to Anthony Toner and his band. He is a real entertainer and good to hear his song being used for the UTV weather forecast. Looking forward to hearing Ben Glover this week and also another chance to hear that amazing keyboard player.

Apart from Anthony and Ben my favourite so far has been Kendal Carson. She was amazing!!!

Where can I get a 'real music club' Tshirt like John's? I would also like a mug and car sticker. Any future plans to merchandize?

Declan O'Rourke

Jim Heaney   Sat 04 Jun 2011

Great gig last night.

When there is a full house and a great band on the stage there is nowhere I have seen, and I've been in a few venues in my day, where there is an atmosphere quite like what is generated in The Errigle Inn.

Declan O'Rourke

Gerry McNally   Sat 04 Jun 2011

What can i saw about last night? A fantastic sell out show hosted in partnership with An Droichead. Declan performed for over two hours and gave three encores, much to delight of the capacity crowd.

Not only content with putting on great music at the RMC, last night we even had two MCs! The problem is now we don't what one to keep.

Perhaps we should put it to the vote?

As usual we would love to hear thoughts on the show.

Anthony Toner

Gerry McNally   Fri 03 Jun 2011

Great to see a good crowd out supporting live music and the Real Music Club last night. Let us know what you thought about the show.

Kimmie Rhodes

Jim Heaney   Thu 26 May 2011

Nice photo of Kimmie from last night Gerry. Another great RMC gig. I'd describe last night's MC as an imposter. Not a patch on the original!

Kimmie Rhodes

Gerry McNally   Wed 25 May 2011

Another great RMC show at the Black Box. Where you there? What did you think of our improvised MC? Share your thoughts and opinions on the show here.

mc thoughts

john mccart   Fri 20 May 2011   updated: Sat 21 May 2011

think that is the best show i have seen from juliet. mellower than usual and better for it. great sound by cregan, as usual, heard a lot of peple commenting on the sound quality. juliet sold out all her cd s .

sorry to be missing next couple of shows but will be back for declan o rourke, hope m c slot is still available

Hey John, i've heard rumours of MC auditions being held in the RMC next week :-)


Juliet Turner

Gerry McNally   Thu 19 May 2011

Another great Real Music Club show at the Black Box. Great to see a full house tonight. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the show.

Daniel Knox / Jonny Nixon

Jim Heaney   Thu 19 May 2011

Two very good performances from very contrasting artists.

Jonny Nixon was a revelation. Worth checking out his new CD which was recorded by our resident sound engineer, Cregan.

Daniel Knox won't be everyone's cup of tea but I really enjoyed his set, short though it was.

Pity about the low turnout but I understand it's hard to get people to come out to see artists with no profile in these difficult economic times.

Daniel Knox

Gerry McNally   Wed 18 May 2011

Were you at the show tonight? Share your thoughts and opinions here.

Jonny Nixon

Gerry McNally   Wed 18 May 2011

Local singer/songwriter Jonny Nixon opened tonight's show. Share your thoughts on the gig if you were there.

gigs of the decade?

Piers Dalgarno   Tue 17 May 2011

Mary Gauthier in the Black Box was great. The fiddle playing was magnificent and when Ben Glover joined them on stage it was brilliant.

James McMurtry and the Heartless Bastards.........wonderful night.

Sam Baker - awesome both in the Errigle and later in the Black Box.

gigs of year

john mccart   Sat 14 May 2011   updated: Sun 15 May 2011

Interested in views on gigs of year so far,

my top three in no particular order,

Malcolm Holcombe, eat your heart out Seasick

Krista Detor, lovely gig in the small room, what songs.

And without doubt Mary Gauthier, Bob Dylan was right.

Agree or disagree, what is your choice.

And best ever RMC gig ? Any advances on Steve Earle in Errigle, then again Buddy Miller ?

Yes John, have to agree with your selection so far this year. All three were strong performances and special in their own way. Gerry

Peter Mulvey photos

Paul Hanley   Sat 14 May 2011

For some reason that last upload repeated itself...Apple users will smugly say it is because I'm using a PC

Peter Mulvey photos

Paul Hanley   Sat 14 May 2011

Thanks for the kind words Jim. I got a few nice shots. I love Peter's songs. He has a great style, lovely voice and a great guitar technique. Sadly he closes his eyes 99% of the time when he is singing. He only opens them when he talks to the

I'll try to get to more shows. Feel free to use the photos for the gallery or flyers. I'll post a couple more.

Peter Mulvey

Jim Heaney   Sat 14 May 2011

Nice photos Paul. There must be quite a collection of quality photos of this gig. There were at least two others taking professional quality shots.

Hope to see you at the club more regularly!

Peter Mulvey

Paul Hanley   Sat 14 May 2011

Another photo from the gig on Thursday

Peter Mulvey

Paul Hanley   Sat 14 May 2011

Great gig on Thursday night.

Last night's show... Peter Mulvey

Christine Cahoon   Fri 13 May 2011

Even though there was a small crowd, Peter gave a sterling performance... such a talent on guitar... he knows his art! Melted my heart a few times and had me roaring with laughter on another.

If you've never heard Peter play, listen to Black Rabbit and Some People.

As always, thanks Jim!

Peter Mulvey

Gerry McNally   Fri 13 May 2011

Another great Real Music Club gig. If you were there let us know your thoughts on the show.

Great show. Pity there wasn't a few more there to see it! Nice photo Gerry.

We welcome your comments and photos...

Jim Heaney   Thu 12 May 2011   updated: Fri 13 May 2011

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